08-09 MAY | 2021


- Event in the Southern Europe with great weather conditions
- Among the modern circuits it is considered one of the best in the world
- Located in the south of Portugal, with great facilities 

Taking place in one of the regions with the best climate in Europe and near several dreamy beaches, the Algarve Classic Festival is, naturally, a pleasant event for the families of the participants. This is also the biggest and most important historic cars event of the Iberian Peninsula, gathering in each of the last editions over 300 cars and 500 Drivers, coming from 23 countries.

For the eight consecutive year, the Iberian Historic Racing visits the Algarve International Circuit; In the last 3 years, the grid reached a full grid with 50 selected teams racing and the expectations are the same for Iberian drivers, adding the presence of teams from the northern Europe and where all of them are united to promote a great Historic Racing clan.