The fascination with racing in historic cars goes far beyond the competition scope. Each weekend of racing is a journey through time for the drivers and their companions - a journey to an era when the racing atmosphere was a lot more relaxed and fun. The goal of the Historic Endurance is to provide all the participants with a special experience of conviviality, emotion, and nostalgia. This competition gives meaning and sense to the acquisition and possession of a historic racing car, regardless of class or power.


Adrenaline and emotion are sure things when visiting the most exciting and challenging circuits in Southern Europe, where the pleasant weather provides excellent conditions for driving, and the transport of vehicles and equipment is easy and affordable. Some events happen within the context of major classic cars festivals, where the atmosphere becomes even more special.

The Iberian Historic Endurance is an organization of gentlemen drivers for gentleman drivers.  The also driver Diogo Ferrão is in charge of this set-up, bringing into this Iberian competition his expertise and vast experience, which includes several appearances in various events, such as the Goodwood Revival, Le Mans Classic and Old-timer Grand Prix in Nordschleife.
The Iberian Historic Endurance is not intended for drivers looking purely to win races. We are a constantly growing group of friends, a gathering of the participants' families and the teams, going far beyond a 50-minute race.

If you have an interest in participating or in learning more what this competition is really about, please send us an email (, as we love getting to know all drivers and teams individually and helping out with whatever we can.