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- Format: 2 races of 50 minutes;

- Return of the Iberian Historic Endurance to the Algarve 
- Among the modern circuits, considered one of the best in the world
- Located in the south of Portugal, with sun and heat

Stirling Moss and Walter Rohrl are just two, among other great world drivers, who consider Portimão to be one of the most beautiful and challenging circuits ever. The Autódromo Internacional do Algarve is a modern circuit built in 2008, with all the latest specifications, both in terms of comfort for drivers and teams and in terms of safety. Therefore, it is understandably a homologated circuit for all competitions, including Formula 1, also receiving teams in tests. ​

Taking place in one of the regions with the best climate in Europe and very close to countless dream beaches, the Algarve Classic Festival is naturally an event that pleases the families of all participants. This is also the  largest and most important historic car event in the Iberian Peninsula, bringing together in each of  last editions more than 300 cars and 500 drivers, from 23 countries.

In 2024, the Iberian Historic Endurance returns to the Algarve circuit at the equator at the time. It is still an opportunity for the drivers to have another fantastic race on a spectacular circuit.

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