20-21 NOVEMBER | 2021


- Yes, in Portugal it’s possible to race in November and with chance to have blue sky!

- The Grand Finale: Endurance spirit with 4 stints, refuelling ending at dusk

- A big party, with symbolic Le Mans style start, fireworks and the New Year's Eve gala at the end!

Taking place in November, at a time of year when it is impossible to compete in Northern Europe, particularly in England, the Estoril Racing Festival is a Luso-British event that closes the season with a golden key.

Having started the current format of the race in 2012, the event has been growing in popularity and registrations, motivating the realization of two races, one taking place on Saturday and one on Sunday, for the cars until 1971 and until 1980 respectively. Once again, this option makes it possible for riders who so wish to participate in both categories.


The Estoril round is particularly special in that it allows you to experience all the sensations of an endurance race: driving each car can be shared between two to four drivers, with driving shifts and refueling moments. To further enhance the experience, the last hour of the race is held at nightfall, with lights on, and in the style of a 24-hour race like Le Mans or SPA.


In the evening, the 2020 Historic Endurance Closing Dinner is held, an opportunity to remember the incidents of the races and to relax with family and friends.