Historic Racing in its purest state!

Quick Rules:

For this competition are eligible Classics cars prepared according to the Appendix K  and in accordance with the FIA safety standards:


Pre-1966 Touring cars under 2000cc + MGB + Porsche 911 SWB. Also for all Pre-1976 cars under 1300cc.


H-1965 Category:

Any pre-1966 Touring (TS), Grand Touring Cars and Grand Touring Prototypes (GTS & GTP) that had FIA homologation until (31/12/1965) and have a FIA HTP papers. Sport cars under 2000cc with FIA homologation until (31/12/1965) and have FIA HTP papers or national technical passport.

Examples: Mini Cooper S, Jaguar E-Type, Marcos 1800 and Lotus 23B..


H-1971 Category:

Any pre-1971 Touring (TS) and Grand Touring Cars (GTS) with FIA homologation until (31/12/1971) and FIA HTP papers or national technical passport.Examples: BMW 2002, Datsun 1200, Mini Cooper S MK2, GTAM Alfa Romeo and Ferrari 365 GTB/4.


H-1976 Category:

Any pre-1976 Touring (TS) and Grand Touring Cars (GTS) with FIA homologation until (31/12/1976) and FIA HTP papersExamples: De Tomaso Pantera, Fiat 128 S, Ford Capri and Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 RS.​


Any homologation or amendment dated after 31/12/1976 is not allowed. Plus we have some special limitations. Porsche homologation is only allowed until the Porsche 2.8 RSR specification. All later cars have specific rules. Ford Escorts with BDG engines aren’t allowed. Other special rules can apply to H-1976 cars.


H-C Category: "Invited" Competition Cars

This category is for Cars not allowed in any of the previous categories or cars not complying with the Appendix K. However, some cars can be considered eligible to race if the organization committee believes it will improve both the spectacle and improve other drivers’ enjoyment.


What is Appendix K?

Is the FIA common set of rules that governs Historic Racing in Europe. It dictates that only the changes made to the cars at the time can be replicated, and is usually documented on the homologation form or through a set of rules in force at that time.

New Rules for 2020


The new rules will be applied to the Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 RS and Ford Escort and are a try to balance the performance between all.


So, next year we expect lots of fun for the Porsche 911 and Ford Escort drivers, but also for the all the others. This way, we hope that cars like Lotus Elan, AC Cobras, Jaguar E-Types will be also able to discuss the first places. The show gets better, and the public, but most important all the drivers wins.


Rules proposed:

- For Porsche, the Dunlop Post-Historic tires are not allowed and only Avon tires will be permitted. The minimum weight will be 1060 kgs.

- In the Ford Escort BDA, the weight rises 20 kgs and the minimum weight is now 810 kgs, while those who don’t have FIA Passport like the 1971 (Period G) change for the Historic 1976 category.


For Porsche, a grace period of 8 months will be given on the Dunlop tire usage rule, and the first race where this rule will be applied is on the Estoril Classics.

If you wish to have the full regulation, contact us by e-mail ( or give us a call (+351 210 920 650).