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The Carreras Los 80


The 80's was the Golden Age of Touring Cars, offering fantastic races in the European Touring Car Championship, as well as exciting races in the various national championships with the Group 1 and Group A regulations. It was also in this decade that the single make trophies emerged with strength, which attracted a lot of sympathy, both from pilots and the public.



After several requests from our drivers and new drivers, the M80 competition will take place at Barcelona, Jarama, Portimao and Estoril circuits.

Over the years, these cars have been gaining extra interest. With the same spirit of the 3 C's "No Cheating, No Crashing, No complaining" and with a format similar to the Historic Endurance, we want to offer the teams and public a competition where these fantastic cars can participate, with a similar spirit to the one we have today in the Iberian Historic Endurance.


The cars accepted for this competition will have to use Toyo Tyres, with a similar grip to the season and a very sustainable cost of use. No DTM, SuperTurismo, Australian competition cars, etc. will be accepted.

Only touring cars (Group 1, 2, N and A) and ex-single-make competitions are allowed, including only GT cars in this case.



Example of models accepted in the Carrera M80 competition:


  • BMW M3

  • BMW 635i

  • Ford Escort BDG

  • Mercedes 190 E                                                                

  • VW Golf Mk2 Mk3

  • Rover Vitesse

  • Porsche ex CUP (GT2 not accepted)

  • Ford Sierra RS500



To find out more about the Carrera M80 competition or which models are accepted, please contact us at or call +351 210 920 650.

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