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21-22 MAY | 2022

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- Format : 2 races of 45 minutes;

- The charm of the South of France combined with the spirit of competition


- Inaugurated in 1933, the circuit is located in the historic centre where one can feel the passion for motoring.


- A success! Four mythical editions in which Historic Endurance has participated always with a full grid


Pau is a city born around its wall, strategically located 50 km from the Spanish border. With great importance and historical and architectural heritage, Pau is today a charming tourist destination.


In 1901 the Grand Prix du Sud-Ouest was organised here, the first race in the world to be called a "Grand Prix". The designation became universal and is still in use today. All kinds of races have been held on this circuit with a strong tradition, including Formula 1, 2 and 3000, WTCC and others.


In 1933 the course was modified and the race was named Grand Prix de Pau Historique. This is just one of five circuits around the world that have used the same layout since 1933. Along the 2,760 mt perimeter, the action takes place right in the city centre, among narrow streets, stone walls and gardens, with the Pyrenees as a backdrop, creating a breathtaking atmosphere.


The circuit, also known as "Little Monaco", hosts an annual classic car festival where a very restricted set of competitions is admitted, including the Iberian Historic Endurance.

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