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27-28 APRIL | 2024

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- Format : 1 race of 3 hours;

- Considered the best circuit in the world!


- 3 hour race with 3 driving turns for 2 or 3 drivers. A challenging endurance race!


- A great endurance festival with more than 80 teams from 18 different countries.


Inaugurated in 1922, Spa started as an urban circuit, designed to allow average speeds well above any other circuit of the time. Known then as "The Triangle", the track was 14 km long, laid out on public roads.


Considered by many as the best circuit in the World, it is a real privilege to challenge yourself during a lap of the beautiful 7004 metre track loaded with history.

All the great names in the history of world motor racing have passed through Spa, in Grand Prix, endurance or European and World Touring Championships of every era.


The Spa Summer Classic was therefore the weekend chosen to participate in this race avoiding the unstable weather of the region. Since the first edition, with a 3 hour format held in 2016, we have had an excellent acceptance by the teams with eighty entries per year. So, we will keep for next year the same format - participations up to 3 pilots.

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